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Company Presentation

Present your company at a glance

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Take business partners and investors on an emotional and visual journey through your story, strategy, achievements, and organization.

The UnicornPitch benefits

Be stylish, be awesome

We know exactly how to create an arc of suspense that blows your audience with a WOW.

Your Story in a Nutshell

We know how to make your success story shine with modern elements and a minimum of text.

Reality Proof

On request, our content team can also help you streamlining your company presentation/story.
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Customers that love what we do


Customers, business partners and future employees would like to get to know your startup or your brand.

In addition to facts, the external impression also counts.

With a company presentation by UnicornPitch you not only score with your design, but also with your company.

The focus is exactly where you want: on the story, the team, the purpose of the business or your vision.

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Always included: Our Design Service

Your one stop, professional design resource.

Just like your business card, your company presentation can literally be make or break. Another reason it deserves a superb design. Premium, Rockstar or Hero?
It’s your choice.

Premium Design

Quality design by experienced designers at a really great price.

Rockstar Design

High quality design for special occasions. Choose extra options.

Hero Design

Particularly creative design to meet the highest demands.

Optional: Our Content Service

Tell your story the right way.

Your startup has its own story and it starts with your vision. But it needs to be told using the right words and a coherent storyline. Our content team can turn your company presentation into a compelling experience for your audience.

Content Consulting

We provide detailed feedback on your structure and content.

Content Work

We edit your content and improve comprehension, wording & tone of voice.

Content Creation

You  provide us with your concept and idea; we construct a convincing, relevant and powerful argument for it.


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About delivery times:

You decide when your company presentation is ready. If time is tight simply choose our Ultra-Express delivery. Exact delivery times depend on the amount of work, number of pages and services selected.

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