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Create a lasting impression on all the presentations your startup needs - whether internally for meetings or externally on appointments.

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Custom Use Cases

We have a perfect solution for every scenario of your business.

Business & Financial Updates

Our design team is very skilled in presenting complex topics in a simple way.

Recruiting & Other Purposes

We know how to promote your company to key player or on events.
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Customers that love what we do

There comes a time in the life of every startup where a powerful presentation makes all the difference.

What’s your biggest challenge? Whether it’s design, storyline or content, we’ll put your business presentation on the road to success.

Our team works hand in hand with you, to ensure your ideas are the key to a winning performance.

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Design Services

Designed to meet your desires.
Individual design is so worth it. Choose one of three design levels and ensure you get a presentation that fits your needs without breaking your budget.

Premium Design

Quality design by experienced designers at a really great price.

Rockstar Design

High quality design for special occasions. Choose extra options.

Hero Design

Particularly creative design to meet the highest demands.

Content Services

From simple ideas to successful implementation.
Our content specialists know exactly what good presentations look like. If your content is already finished, we’ll give you detailed feedback. At our Content Revision stage we can help you edit and fine tune it. Or just say the word and we’ll happily create all of the content for your project.

Content Consulting

We provide detailed feedback on your structure and content.

Content Work

We edit your content and improve comprehension, wording & tone of voice.

Content Creation

You  provide us with your concept and idea; we construct a convincing, relevant and powerful argument for it.


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In a major rush or do we have a few days? We’re always fast but you still have a choice. Exact delivery times depend on the amount of work, number of pages and services selected.

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